About Us

We are Leauxcal Insurance Agency, LLC. Leauxcal, pronounced "local," is a play on words from the Cajun spelling of GEAUX, which means "go."

We began working the insurance industry and started Leauxcal Insurance about 5 years ago.

We sought out a strong community to start our insurance adventure, and landed 'where life is sweeter" in Youngsville, LA. Our office has been growing in numbers over the years, and we have a great team of Louisiana State licensed insurance professionals. Our philosophy is to help you solve the insurance protection puzzle by giving you choices of company, premium and coverage options.

We cater to individuals, local real estate agents, and mortgage lenders.

We cater to individuals, local real estate agents, and mortgage lenders.

We offer a user-friendly self service page that provides you the option to view your coverage, pay your bill or file a claim. This provides you access to all your insurance information at your fingertips anywhere, any time.

If you prefer a more hand-on approach, we have a local brick and mortar location where you can call or stop in for us to assist you! We have a new location reveal coming soon, and we are so excited to share with you!

​We are here to provide you with a polite professional experience with our team of licensed agents. Our agents offer a unique experience by offering products from our partners that provide you with the best protection for you and your family at the best value. Insurance has become a commercialized industry; with very funny commercials might I add. At Leauxcal, it is about value for dollars, what coverage will give you the most value for what you can financially afford to pay. We will discuss the coverage and options upfront, and stay with you through your renewal, relocation, changes, claims and give you a local community presence to come by and visit anytime.

We are self-proclaimed #1 New Orleans Saints Fans, and all things sports related, especially the art of tailgate cuisine and at home referees!

Contact us to start your Leauxcal insurance journey.